We aim to provide our Clients with the highest possible level of food service, standards and presentation.

These aims can only be achieved by employing people who are valued and recognised by the company they work for. We aim to create fulfilling and rewarding places to work in all our units, where people thrive, because they are valued, cared for as individuals and given everything they need to achieve their potential.

We are committed to ensuring all our staff have the very best opportunity to achieve their potential. Our courses in food safety and hygiene provide a base level for all our staff, enhanced by discussions with staff to develop a bespoke training plan for the future.

We strive to develop talent from within the business and have a number of success stories, including a member of staff that joined us as a catering assistant some 6 years ago and is now an operational manager.   Our aim is to continually support you in achieving your full potential through practical on the job training and specialised courses.

We want our people to have fun at work, while they develop and grow their skills.